Fantasy Butterflies Temporary Tattoo


Fantasy Butterflies Temporary ...


Fantasy Butterflies Temporary Tattoo is magical and beautiful! Perfect to wear on your arm, ribs or back, try it out! It will look nice on any occasion, on a birthday party or at the club, you name it!

Size: 4×7 Inch


Fantasy Butterflies Temporary Tattoo is both beautiful and magical, with five colorful butterflies and stars and ribbons spread around. It comes in gorgeous pastel colors, guaranteed to appeal to ladies of all ages. This tattoo is perfect for any kind of social gathering, and is bound to turn any dull night into a magical one. We recommend you wear it on your arm, ribs or back for the most enchanting effect.

Wear This Fantasy Butterflies Temporary Tattoo on a magical night!

Bridal shower, birthday party or a night out with friends, with this temporary tattoo you’ll be the brightest star of the night!

Most important is that all temporary tattoos that we offer are safe and non-toxic. Only FDA certified colorants are used. All our suppliers must demonstrate that they meet all U.S., European and international regulatory requirements. We guarantee that our temporary tattoos do NOT contain black henna or PPD. Our temporary tattoos are 100% non toxic and safe for children.

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