How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo

  • First cut out the temporary tattoo if it is part of a larger sheet of designs. Cut as close to the artwork as possible.
  • Grab a washcloth and run it under water so it is damp, not dripping.
  • Then carefully select an area for your tattoo, avoiding places with excessive hair or where your skin sweats or stretches too much. Before application, make sure the skin is clean, dry and free of oils or makeup.
  • When you’re ready to apply the design, remove the clear top sheet from the tattoo and position the tattoo on the skin.
  • Press the tattoo firmly onto the skin with the design facing down. Then hold the damp washcloth against the back of the tattoo. Press down.
  • Dab the washcloth against the tattoo to saturate the entire paper backing. Continue to dab and press for a full thirty seconds. Don’t hurry!
  • Very gently peel off the backing paper by taking hold of one corner first and slowly and smoothly peeling the paper away from your skin. Let the area dry completely.
  • You’ve just expertly applied a temporary tattoo. Now go show off your design to your friends!

How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo

Note – Keep in mind that quality temporary tattoos are designed to withstand soap and water, so have these tattoo removal options handy when you’re ready for a change. Depending on how long you’ve worn your temporary tattoo, there are two options for removal. Both options are outlined below:

  • First saturate the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or hand sanitizer.
  • Wait ten seconds and then gently rub away the tattoo with the cotton ball.
  • Rinse clean with water.



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